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Sat Guru Baba

Clad in rotten clothes,

witha a vow of silence for life,

without golden crown and thrones foresaking food and sleep,

He lives for the poorest of the poor Gurubaba the ultimate refuge.

The Hermit who has surpassed the ocean of knowledge,

He knows by intuition the past, present and future of the people thronging to his abode;

He lives, giving solace to the downtrodden, by absorbing their grievances and sorrows.

Gurababa, the ultimate refuge.

He has come to earth for the oppressed and suppressed,

showing the path of simplicity austerity and penance;

Shining as the eternal 'OHM'

He has taken 'Avatar' as Dakshineswara' at Guruvayyur.

Gurubaba the ultimate refuge.

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