Tryaksharee Pooja

Blessing from Saraswathi and Mahalakshmi

Changing the Myth

It  is believed that wisdom and wealth cannot exist together. Sri Mookambika in the form of saraswathi endows one with wisdom and showers wealth in the ofrm of Mahalakshmi. To get the blessing of both in one life in rare and most difficult. Bhagavan Gurubaba - the Avatar of Kaliyuga only has the knowledge of Unique and secret pooja to appease both.

Unparallelled Sidhis

Bhagavan Gurubaba who got the last and final darshan of Devi Mookambika, was showered with many boons. The most valuable among them was the right to conduct Navarathri pooja every month. It is known as Sri Mookambika Meola Swaroopa Tryaksharee Pooja.

AT all Temple dedicated to Goddess Navarathri Pooja is done only once in a year. Gurubaba, endowed with the secret rituals and precious Manthras unfolded before him by Devi Mookambika does this pooja every month for the prosperity of devotees.

A Secret Made Public

Earlier, Gurubaba used to do this pooja secretly in dense forests and mountain caves for saving some ill fated souls. Recently, after establishing Ashram Gurubaba has started to do this sacred pooja, allowing all devotees to participate. This is conducted on the 9th day of New Moon.


Pooja is from 6 pm to 12 pm - 6 pm - 9 pm Tryaksharee Dhyanam 9 pm lighting the holy lamp and burning the sacred fire ley couples observing secret rites. 9pm - 12 pm Tryaksharee Bhajan 12 pm Mangala Avathi and there after feast to all who participated in the pooja with various dishes.

A Rare experience

The Secret Agni Home is done by Gurubaba in the sacred Homakunda without any body being present. In many place throughout the natiion devotees do the rituals given above and the blessing of Bhagavan Gurubaba and Devi Mookambika is present there in the form of Golden coloured Butter flies. This is the experience of all the devotees.

How to Participate

Anybody desirous of participating in the pooja can come to Gurubaba Ashram or nearest 'Sannidhi'. They can also request Gurubab a to include them in the Pooja, by sending Name, Age, Star etc to Ashram well in advance. The expense of Pooja is Rs 25/- per person for one month, Rs 222/- per person for one year. Prasadam will be sent to post. The expense of pooja and postal charges for one day is Rs 25/- per person for one month and Rs 282/- per person per year. Full postal address should be furnished in the counter foil of Money Order MO or to be send along with Demand Draft DD.

Note : No need to pay the amount if you are from poor family. This pooja is free for poor people. The amount collecting for the expense of pooja will be alloted for the poor students education purpose; Poor people can apply for it.

How to use Prasadam

Prasadam of Tryaksharee Pooja includes two Golden coloured threads called 'Ganga Mala'. This is most beneficial for driving away evil forces. This should be worm around neck or wrist on the morning of New Moon and an evening of Full Moon. While wearing new thread old one should be burnt.

The Other prasadams are Mangala vibboothi of Navagrahas called Navagraha prasadam and special KumKum offered to Goddess Mookambika. These can be worn on forehead and neck. Mangala Vibboothi is also good for diseases.

Benefits of Pooja

It is benefited mainly in two ways.

  1. It thwarts the obstacles faced by children in studies. Many Youngsters suddenly come down in examinations or show aversion to studies for reason unknown. Many are not able to get good marks even after trying hard. This pooja helps them to overcome all these with blessing of Devi Mookambika and Bhagavan Gurubaba. Immediate result can be had if the mother and child observes fasting on the day of pooja.
  2. Diminishes Karmic debts of previous births and there by brings prosperity and well being. Any set backs in career is set right if this pooja is done regularly.

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